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BigClapper does away with tedious clapping, happiness

“If you need an image of the longer term, think about a robotic clapping over a human face, endlessly,” wrote George Orwell, and his dire prediction has lastly come to cross. This product – a yr outdated machine that I’ve by no means seen earlier than however now love – is called BigClapper and it’s principally an orb with a humorous face and large white fingers. Whenever you set it up in a location it would yell and clap endlessly, a type of robotic tummler that may choose up your spirits whereas it drains your will to dwell.

The product, discovered by RobotStart, is wildly manic. BigClapper can be utilized at places of work! In entrance of shops! At events! It may clap as individuals stroll by, encouraging them to come back into your store! It’s purple! It has fingers!

Whereas it’s not but Alexa suitable, the BigClapper seems to be a mannequin of future human-computer interplay. In any case what’s extra pure than an enormous purple face howling at you on the road whereas it claps maniacally in an effort to promote you extra merchandise. It’s a literal image of true capitalism on this fashionable period.

I, for one, welcome our clapping robotic overlords.