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BoxLock secures your booty against porch pirates

This intelligent – if costly – product is known as the BoxLock and it’s a keyless padlock that lets your bundle supply individual scan and drop off your packages right into a locked field. The system primarily watches for a delivery occasion after which waits for the correct barcode earlier than opening. As soon as the supply individual scans the bundle, the lock opens, the supply individual sticks the bundle in a field or shed (not included) and locks it again up. You then go and seize your bundle at your leisure.

The lock prices $129.

The corporate appeared on everybody’s favourite present, Shark Tank, the place they demonstrated the system with a faux door and pretend UPS dude.

The inner battery lasts 30 days on one cost and it connects to your cellphone and home by way of Wi-Fi. Whereas the system does require a field – it’s known as BoxLock, in any case, not LockBox – it’s a intelligent resolution to these pesky porch pirates who endlessly steal my YorkieLoversBox deliveries.

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