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Count your bees with this Raspberry Pi project

Bees want all the assistance they’ll get. Thus programmer Mat Kelsey created a bee counter to see simply what number of of his winged honeymakers are hanging out in his hives. His system, which makes use of a Raspberry Pi and a machine studying algorithm that acknowledges the variety of particular person bees coming into a hive, is used to see bee developments over time and see simply how the bees are faring.

“The very first thing I believed once we setup our beehive was ‘I’m wondering how you would rely the variety of bees coming and going?’” wrote Kelsey. “After some research I found it appears nobody has , non-intrusive system for doing it but. It could actually apparently be helpful for all types of hive well being checking.”

The system appears at units of images of the hive door taken each 10 seconds. It then extrapolates out the background, assesses the objects which have moved within the body, after which counts the issues which are more likely to be bees. It’s a captivating drawback to resolve because the bees are continuously transferring and since it might additionally ignore bees which are popping out of the hive.

You possibly can download the source on Github and take a look at his detailed blog post here. Given the necessity for bee safety as we enter an period of colony collapses, instruments like this one are wildly essential. Plus it’s cool to see a Raspberry Pi do one thing so advanced.

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