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Is this proof you're more likely to have a car accident than ever before?

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2018 vehicles are as much as 20 per cent wider than these made in 1998 (Picture: GETTY)

The preferred vehicles within the UK have grown in dimension over the previous few a long time which may enhance the potential for a motorist having an accident.

In response to new analysis by Direct Line Car Insurance, Britain’s hottest vehicles have elevated in width by 17 per cent over the previous twenty years.

The 20 hottest vehicles in Britain in 2018 had been in contrast with these from 1998 to see how their dimensions had modified.

A number of the hottest vehicles in 2018 such because the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 had a mean width of 1.94 metres.

That is in comparison with the preferred autos in 1998 (together with the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Cavalier, Rover 214 and the Nissan Micra) the typical width got here in at 1.66m, that means they had been 28cm (17 per cent) narrower.

A number of the hottest fashions in 2018 had been considerably bigger than their similar counterparts in 1998, such because the Nissan Micra which was 22 per cent wider.

Drivers are actually being urged to pay attention to roads with width restrictions and to recognise the suitable signage.

Essentially the most-common width restrictions are 6.6ft to 7ft wide2, round two metres, marked with unforgiving bollards.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta is the preferred automobile within the UK (Picture: FORD)

Direct Line has uncovered this could have an effect on regular household vehicles, because the Ford Focus 2018 mannequin is at the moment 2.01m vast excluding wing mirrors.

The Peugeot 208, VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra are all at the moment on the 2 metre boundary and drivers will must be vigilant when utilizing width restricted streets. 

Motorists are being urged to watch out when on the highway as they is probably not conscious of the dimensions of their car and will due to this fact be extra susceptible to scrape or bump it.

Drivers may be in danger after they go down a rustic highway or slender road advert they might be extra liable to damaging their automobile.

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra is over 20 per cent wider than it was 20 years in the past (Picture: NISSAN)

Rob Miles, director of automobile insurance coverage at Direct Line commented: “This analysis reveals that automobile shapes have modified dramatically over the previous 20 years, although roads stay the identical width, so it’s turning into tougher to manoeuvre fashionable vehicles on Britain’s roads.

“With the dimensions of vehicles rising, manoeuvres and parking might develop into extra of a problem.

“Bumps and scratches occur to even the perfect drivers, so motorists want to ensure their insurer covers unexpected accidents.

“Motorists who do unintentionally hit one other car ought to all the time be certain to depart their contact particulars.”

Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa is one other fashionable car that has ballooned in dimension (Picture: VAUXHALL)

How Britain’s hottest fashions have grown in dimension over the previous twenty years:

Ford Fiesta
2018 Mannequin: Size three.95m, Width 1.97m, Peak 1.48m
1998 Mannequin:Size three.83m, Width 1.79m, Peak 1.32m

Ford Focus
2018 Mannequin: Size four.39m, Width 2.01m, Peak 1.47m
1998 Mannequin: Size four.15m, Width 1.99m, Peak 1.43m

Vauxhall Astra
2018 Mannequin: Size four.42m, Width 2.01m, Peak 1.51m
1998 Mannequin: Size four.05m, Width 1.85m, Peak 1.41m

Vauxhall Corsa
2018 Mannequin: Size four.02m, Width 1.94m, Peak 1.48m
1998 Mannequin: Size three.74m, Width 1.77m, Peak 1.42m

Volkswagen Golf
2018 Mannequin:Size four.26m, Width 2.03m, Peak 1.45m
1998 Mannequin:Size four.14m, Width 2.02m, Peak 1.44m

Audi A3
2018 Mannequin: Size four.24m, Width 1.97m, Peak 1.42m
1998 Mannequin: Size four.15m, Width 1.85m, Peak 1.43m

Peugeot 200 collection
2018 Mannequin:Size three.96m, Width 2.00m, Peak 1.46m
1998 Mannequin:Size three.71m,Width 1.57m, Peak n/a

Nissan Micra
2018 Mannequin: Size three.99m, Width 1.94m, Peak 1.46m
1998 Mannequin: Size three.72m, Width 1.59m, Peak 1.44m

Renault Clio
2018 Mannequin: Size four.06m, Width 1.95m Peak 1.45m
1998 Mannequin: Size three.71m, Width 1.63m, Peak n/a

Fiat Punto
2018 Mannequin: Size four.07m, Width 1.69m, Peak 1.49m
1998 Mannequin: Size three.76m, Width 1.63m, Peak 1.45m

2018 Mannequin: Size four.14m, Width 1.95m, Peak 1.47m
1998 Mannequin: Size three.90m, Width 1.77m, Peak 1.42m

Edmund King, president on the AA, stated: “There is no doubt that we’ve seen that on narrower roads we’re getting extra vehicles that hit the curb, and that is including to interrupt down claims.

“Within the 1970s two Minis would simply match down a rustic lane however in case you put two fashionable fashion Minis down there now, they will not match.

“A part of the rationale why vehicles are actually made bigger is psychological, as folks really feel safer in an even bigger automobile.

“As know-how has superior vehicles are safer, and it’s these protecting applied sciences which imply that vehicles are bigger.”

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