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Niantic overhauls Ingress to make it more welcoming for new players

Earlier than there was Pokémon GO, there was Ingress. It was Niantic’s first recreation — and whereas it by no means grew to become the overwhelmingly well-liked phenomenon that GO did, it’s undeniably what allowed GO to exist within the first place.

Now Niantic is taking one other swing at it. The corporate has rebuilt Ingress from the bottom up, with the objective of creating it prettier, extra immersive and — most significantly — extra accessible to new gamers. The brand new app will ship for iOS and Android later as we speak.

Unfamiliar with Ingress? At its core, it shares its DNA with Pokémon GO; it’s a recreation that encourages you to stroll round the actual world, go to close by landmarks and parks and work collectively along with your self-selected staff (or, in Ingress’ terminology, your “faction”).

However Ingress is an efficient bit extra… intense than GO (Ingress gamers prefer to poke at GO as being “Ingress Lite.”) There are not any cutesie monsters to gather or Pokéstops to spin; as a substitute, you’re “hacking” portals (the identical real-world areas, principally, that act as Pokéstops) and “linking” them collectively in an effort to overcome as a lot of the map as you’ll be able to to your faction. Hyperlink three portals and all the pieces in-between turns into your staff’s turf. It’s like seize the flag mashed up with one huge worldwide recreation of tug of battle, with a little bit of Matrix-y cyberpunk dressing slathered on high.

Ingress Prime, as model 2.zero is thought, replaces the unique Ingress app with one constructed on Unity — the identical gaming engine that powers Pokémon GO and lots of 1000’s of different video games.

When you’ve been taking part in Ingress for some time, most of the adjustments listed below are “high quality of life”-type tweaks: the UI has been cleaned up, and so they’ve added all types of shortcuts and gestures to make it sooner to do issues like assault close by portals or handle your stock. The brand new map interface is less complicated to pan and zoom round with one hand, with a one-finger management scheme that’ll really feel fairly acquainted for GO gamers. The brand new UI is sure to be a degree of rivalry at first, if solely as a result of it means a little bit of behavior breaking for gamers who’ve spent a whole lot to 1000’s of hours getting used to the outdated one, and, effectively, folks don’t like change. Hopefully, they arrive round.